Fee Guide

Fees correct as of 05.05.23

Routine Visit
Initial Consultation (30 Minutes) includes all x-rays £94.50
Routine Examination (20 minutes) £59.50
Small x-rays (per film) £16.50
Panoral x-ray £55.00
Hygienist Session (30 minutes) £77.50
Restorative Treatment
Filling (Tooth Coloured) from £150.00
Crown (Tooth Coloured) from £785.00
Ceramic Inlay / Onlay from £785.00
Porcelain Veneer from £785.00
3 Tooth Bridge from £1975.00
Prosthetic / Denture Treatment
Partial Acrylic Denture from £875.00
Partial Chrome-Cobalt Denture from £1895.00
Full upper and lower acrylic dentures from £3000.00
Preventative Treatment
Fissure Sealants (per tooth) from £45.00
Sports Gum Shield from £95.00
Bite Guard (soft) from £210.00
Bite Guard (hard) from £560.00
Cosmetic Treatment
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) from £785.00
Tooth Whitening (home-kit) from £395.00
Composite Bonding (per tooth) from £195.00
Surgical Treatment
Routine Extraction from £185.00
Complex/Molar Extraction from £225.00
Surgical Extraction from £295.00
Emergency Treatment
Recementing Crown from £79.50
Temporary Filling from £75.00
Emergency Treatment out of hours
Call out charge (excluding cost of treatment) £185.00
Endodontic Treatment

The fee for endodontic treatment is immensely variable depending on the type of tooth, the number of roots and the complexity of the root canal system and the presence or absence of infection.

This will affect the number of appointments and the overall amount of time required and thereby the final cost.

Typical costs for an 'average' case including all necessary x-rays:-

Single-rooted tooth from £510.00
Twin-rooted tooth from £595.00
Multi-rooted tooth from £725.00

Due to its complex nature, endodontics is often undertaken by our specialist. The fees range from £580 - £1,155 depending on complexity. You will normally be referred for this treatment and will be given an estimate before the referral.

A more detailed breakdown of specialist costs can be found here.

Implant Treatment

Each case has to be assessed and quoted according to the circumstances and is dependent on whether preliminary surgery or bone grafting is required.

Typical costs for an 'average' case:-

Single tooth implant (including final crown restoration) from £3000.00

You will normally be given an initial estimate by the referring dentist. A more detailed breakdown of implant costs can be found on our referral page here

Orthodontic Treatment

Each case is different and has to be quoted according to the type of appliance(s) required and the duration of treatment.

Typical costs for an 'average' case are:-

Orthodontic Consultation £185
Simple removable appliance from £850.00
Upper and lower fixed appliances from £3500.00
Ceramic upper and lower fixed appliances from £3950.00
Clear aligners (Invisalign/Clearcorrect) from £1750.00
Facial Rejuvenation (BOTOX®)
1 area from £195.00
2 areas from £255.00
3 areas from £295.00
Our Guarantee

If treatment has to be repeated to the same tooth within 12 months due to a failure of a material we normally do not charge if it is an exact substitute that is required.

If a more extensive or alternative treatment is deemed necessary the amount previously paid will be credited towards the cost of the second treatment.

NHS fee bands
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