Childrens Orthodontics in Shrewsbury

Braces for Children

Children aged 17 years and under can in many circumstances be offered orthodontic treatment free on the NHS. At New Park House Dental Centre we have a small NHS contract to provide orthodontic services for the patients registered at our Practice as general dental patients.

Some malocclusions can be very complex to treat, and when appropriate we will refer your child to see an NHS Consultant Orthodontist for a further assessment at one of our local hospitals.

Every child's smile and bite (malocclusion) must be assessed against the Index of Treatment Need (IOTN), and this determines whether or not a child is entitled to NHS funding for a course of free orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately not all children are entitled to NHS funding. In these circumstances we can offer private courses of orthodontic treatment, and with 0% finance options, this can be more affordable than initially it seems.

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