Comprehensive Examinations in Shrewsbury

At New Park House Dental Centre we understand that thorough dental examinations are essential to maintaining good oral health and an amazing smile. Our expert Dentists are trained to identify dental problems early to prevent them developing into more serious concerns.

Our preventative philosophy provides our adults and children with regular, routine dental assessments and dental hygiene treatments that follow personalised recall intervals dependent upon each individuals risk assessment.

Before each examination appointment at the practice, you will be able to update a full medical history via our secure and confidential online portal.

During the examination our dentist will:

  1. Discuss any dental problems you may be experiencing.
  2. Thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, oral tissues and also check your jaw joints, muscles and check the overall head and neck for any signs of abnormality.
  3. Take X-rays if required.
  4. Evaluate your home oral hygiene routine and recommend any improvements such as interdental brushes or flossing as required.
  5. Discuss general health and dietary issues that can affect your teeth and gums.
  6. Explain any further recommended treatment. We will discuss with you the risks and benefits, along with all alternatives, and answer any questions you may have regarding your proposed treatment.
  7. Provide you with a full treatment plan and estimate of fees.
  8. If no treatment is required, your dentist will recommend your dental and hygienist recall interval based upon your comprehensive risk assessment.
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