Hygienist / Periodontist

Our team of dental hygienists and therapists welcome referrals for periodontal treatment.

They are happy to work under prescription or develop an appropriate periodontal treatment plan under the Direct Access regulations.

They will always follow the latest BSP guidelines to ensure your patients are receiving the latest, evidence-based care.

The referring dentist will be kept fully informed of the treatment plan and the patient's progress.

The main steps undertaken are:

Step 1:

They will then re-evaluate and if the patient is non-engaging, this will be documented and Step 1 will be repeated.

If the patient is engaging then we move to Step 2.

Step 2

Where required, undertake subgingival Instrumentation (root surface debridement / PMPR on root) according to the following:

After Step 2, we re-evaluate at 3 months. If unstable sites exist then we proceed to Step 3. If stable, we proceed to Step 4.

Step 3: (Managing non-responding sites):

(If all sites are stable after Step 3 proceed to Step 4)

Step 4 (Maintenance)
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