Immediate Implants - teeth in a day in Shrewsbury

Immediate implants or teeth in-a-day is when teeth are removed, implants placed and a provisional crown, bridge or denture attached - all on the same day.

The main benefits of this approach is that you are never without teeth.

Meticulous planning of potential immediate implant cases is crucial, the main treatment steps are as follows:

1. Consultation
We will undertake a comprehensive examination, clarify your expectations and explain your different treatment options. For a successful immediate treatment procedure it is vital that the dental implant(s) can be securely stabilized in the bone immediately when inserted.

2. Digital Planning
Radiographs and CBCT scans show if you are a suitable candidate for an immediate treatment protocol. They show the quality of your bone and whether you have enough bone to stably anchor the implant(s) in your jaw. If not, a standard approach may be the treatment of choice.

Digital scans supply an exact 3D image of your mouth. The dentist uses the data to plan the exact implant position. The dental laboratory uses the data to produce your provisional prosthetic restoration prior to surgery.

3. Tooth extraction, implant and restoration placement
At the time of surgery multiple steps are undertaken on the same day:

As a result, you will have a functional new tooth or set of teeth that already look and feel natural.

4. Final restorations
The implant(s) now require time to heal. The time will depend on your individual situation. The definitive restorations are then placed. The implant position and the sculptured gum is recorded by an impression or digital scanning. The shade of the neighboring teeth is recorded so that the replacement restoration blends in with the rest of the mouth.

Close communication with the dental laboratory and digital photography help ensure that the skilled dental technicians are able to create the desired size, shape and colour for the new restoration.

When the final prosthetic restoration is ready it will be attached to the implants. Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensuring that everything feels comfortable and natural. Implant retained restorations and designed to be fully functional and we would encourage you to eat, smile and laugh naturally again.

5. Implant maintenance
Once the implant treatment has been completed regular long term maintenance will be required to maintain the health of the gum around the implants and all of your natural teeth. This will involve checking the health of the gums and bone around the implants clinically and with digital x-rays and we would recommend regular visits to the practice hygienist.

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