White Fillings in Shrewsbury

Fillings are materials placed in the teeth to replace damaged parts of a natural tooth. The most common uses of dental fillings are to replace dental decay (dental caries) and to repair fractured teeth.

At New Park House Dental Centre we use tooth coloured restorations whenever clinically possible.

White Fillings

What are White Fillings?
Known in the profession as composites they are a combination of nano-particles of glass embedded in a resin. There are different types of composition for front and back teeth to reflect the priority for strength or aesthetics.

When can White Fillings be used?
White Fillings can be used to treat teeth with decay or to replace old silver amalgam fillings. Ideally, White Fillings are best used for small to medium size cavities - larger cavities would be more suited for porcelain inlays.

Why Choose White Fillings?
Not only do White Fillings look just like natural teeth, but they also stick or bond to the tooth which adds strength compared to silver amalgam fillings.

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